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What is a Search Engine & Search Engine Server

Search Engine

What is a Search Engine: It is a web-based tool that allows the users to search for the query and gives the information available on the World Wide Web.

  • Search Engine will gives the relevant answers when an users search for his questions based on keywords or queries.
  • Popular examples of search engines are listed below:
    • Google
    • Bing (MSN)
    • Baidu
    • Yahoo
    • Ask
    • Aol


What is a Search Engine Server?

  • Search engine servers are huge, purpose built collections of servers which act as a repository of the all the copies of webpages being made by the crawlers.
  • Each and Every search engine has their own servers, those servers will have many number of blocks, each block will belongs to one keyword.
  • The keywords in the blocks are stored according to web pages content and the keywords.



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