What is Google Page Rank value (PR Value)?

Google Page Rank Value? and What does it mean?

For each and every webpage in a website, Google will assign certain rank it is called Google Page Rank and it is Google Page Rank Value (PR Value)depends upon the Link building, traffic, SEO, the time between Landing and Exit. It is an algorithm used by Google Search to rank the different types of websites in their search engine results.

Page Rank is divided into 2 types:

a) Not Applicable. (for new websites page rank is not applicable)

b) Ranking Points will be between 0 to 10. (0 is the lowest and 10 is the highest page rank value)

Latest Update on “Google Page rank”: As of now Google has started hiding the Page-rank value for the websites. In addition to it, you will be not able to know or find out the value of Page-rank for websites by using Page-rank Tools. It’s value is just hidden but the value of the Page rank is still considered by the Google to rank the websites across the search engine results page.

Tip: Try to build back links links from Old Domains and top most websites which has Good traffic & Domain Authority. It will helps your website to rank better in SERPs and to increase your Pagerank Value.


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