How to Connect Domain to Host Cpanel & Host Server to Domain

How to Connect Domain to Host Cpanel & Host Server to Domain

Hi Guys, today I’m going you explain you about how to connect domain to host Cpanel. To do this I suggest you to keep handy with login details of Domain Registrar Account and Hosting CPanel. Now, please follow the below steps:

First Process: To add your Domain name to Cpanel Hosting account

  1. Login into your Cpanel and Click on “Add on Domain.”
  2. Now, enter your Domain Name in the Add on domain field and Click on “Save.”
  3. Now you are successfully added your Domain name to the Cpanel hosting account.
  4. In hosting account, you will be able to see the name server details of the hosting account and save those Name Server details in the Notepad as it will be useful to link your Hosting to the Domain name.

Second Process: To link your CPanel Hosting Account to Domain Name

  1. Login into your Domain Registrar Account(Domain Name Providers Like Godaddy, Bigrock, Namecheap, etc).
  2. Find the DNS Settings, in the domain setting options.
  3. Now you will be able to see the options to enter the Name Server Details of your Hosting Account.
  4. In DNS(Domain Name Server) fields, enter the Name Server details of your Cpanel Hosting Account which you have saved it in the notepad in the first process.
  5. Finally, Click on Save.

Final Process: To check Whether the Domain is properly linked up with the hosting account or not

  1. In Google, Search for the website.
  2. Enter your Domain in the intodns and Click on Report.
  3. Now you will be able to see the Name Server Details. Nameserver details should be exactly according to your hosting account nameserver details which you have entered in the Domain Registrar account.


  • If it is not working or says as Domain as moved to new Server or Changed the Web address, based on the Hosting Server to get your Hosting Connect with the Domain Name, it may takes the time from 24 hrs to 48 hrs.
  • For Speedy process, after adding your Name server details in the Domain Registrar Account, try to connect your hosting team to point the Hosting to Domain Name.

Please feel free to comment below if you’ve any doubts. 😉 Don’t forget to share this page along with your friends.


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